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Desktop and mobile solutions for Philadelphia's largest health insurer, Independence Blue Cross. IBX's member portal serves 7 million people nationwide.
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The following design work was completed over a 6 month long co-op as a member of the IBX user experience team. In this time frame, I reimagined existing digital services for IBX members across platforms, as well as pioneered new products. Each project went through user-focused design method that included initial research, wireframing, usability testing in an iterative process. The result of each of these exercises were used to inform design decisions for final high-fidelity mocks that maintained the company's branding.
My Role  Research • Wireframing • High-fidelity Mockups  • Client Presentation
Timeline March 2018 - September 2018
Independence Blue Cross Member Portal Homepage
This project was our largest undertaking during my time at IBX. Our team of 3 was tasked with redesigning the main landing 'dashboard' page that users see when they use the IBX member portal. Our goal was to keep the new design familiar by retaining the card style widget layout, but create a more modern feel, reduce the header navigation height, and surface more useful content. Our process for this project followed our established UX process defined above, and focused research specifically on discovering and prioritizing content that would be most beneficial to particular customer personas based on the policy that they hold through IBX. This was accomplished through A/B testing and interviews with business specialists, as well portal member users found around the IBX and Independence LIVE campus.
Original Design
New Design
Customer Policy Variations
My contribution to this project includes proposal for the final grid layout structure, A/B testing on final navigation styles, icon design, and the following widget designs: navigation dropdown states, My Benefits, ID Card, Benefit Usage, 'I want to...', Achievements, Indego Bike advertisment, and banner alerts, as well as final passes on the remaining cards. If you're interested in the intricacies of each widget, feel free to browse the Figma file below:
Benefits Usage
The purpose of this project was to visually update the page where members can view how much they have used or paid into their policy's benefits. The main problem to solve for was finding a way to clearly display information about intersecting, often-times confusing terms such as In-Network, Out-of-Network, deductible, and out of pocket cost while letting the user view their current position as an individual as well as a family depending on the policy. The key to solving the complexities of displaying this information was purposeful compartmentalization of data types through tabs and clear labeling. We wanted to make sure users had easy access to their Summary of Benefits, definitions of the terms used, and amount paid and remaining, as confusing terminology and breakdown of cost is one of the most common pain-points in the medical insurance industry. Below you can see the outcome of our design:
Find a Doctor
This was the first project I worked on at IBX. Our goal was to redesign the page members use to view information on their family's current healthcare providers, as well as find new providers. We focused on making important actions easily accessible such as favoriting a provider, changing a provider, and choosing a new provider if a member does not currently have one. Below you can see the outcome of our design:
External Client Project
Broker Dashboard
This project was completed as an external client project for agencies and their brokers. Our goal was to create a simple dashboard where entities can track and breakdown their commission and projected bonus over time. One core problem to solve for was to ensure that projected bonus would not be misconstrued for actual payout, which in the case of misled expectations could create some very unhappy users! We accomplished this through clear labeling that directly that bonus-related compensation was projected, not actual, and by breaking down how the projected amount was calculated on the second tab. In the calculation breakdown, the user could see for themselves how the potential payout was effected by varying contact values by sliding the blue bars. Below you can see the outcome of our design:
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